Unafraid — Fear of Failure

January 28, 2018 @ 4:10 pm

Numbers 13: 27-33 and 1st Timothy 1: 3-11

This is a look at the Fear of Failure with a lot of help from Brene Brown and others.  

Key is that Caleb means "Whole Hearted" and Joshua means "God is Salvation."  

January 28, 2018 – Fear of Failure

This fourth sermon on this topic will reprise elements of the first week – here focus is we often just don't get started because we are afraid of failing.   

Question is "what giants or monsters do we fear in our quest to be agents of transformation in the world?"  I wonder how much of the answer is a lack of trust:  trust in God and trust in ourselves? 

There be monsters was on the edge of selected nautical maps in the 15th Century.  That which was out of sight was also to be feared.  We create our own monsters.  It does seem to me that the idea of "fear of failure" to some extent may be the unstated rhinoceros (elephant?) at the table on our new church start conversation.  Maybe.

The issue is to get to being Unafraid.  Yes, we all suffer from Fear of Failure and a solid dose of trust – God, others, ourselves, is an excellent cure. 

Numbers 13: 27-33, 14: 1-3, 1st Timothy 1: 3-11, will frame the discussion.

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