Genesis 18 and 21 — “All things are possible: Laughing in Despair and Joy”

September 23, 2015 @ 8:13 pm
This is the 9:00 Service at Hilltop and in my vanity, I had believed the 10:30 was "better" but I didn't record it.  Ugh.  This one is a smidgen longer and different:  not a lot, but some.  I for example used the Monsters, Inc at 9 and not at 10:30.  Oh well. 
But what I really play with is the idea of do we really believe all things are possible with God?  Brueggemann says if we say "no" then we are saying there is no God, but if we say "yes" then the implications of that are incredible.  I have been saying during worship "Bonhoeffer" a lot for the last three years -- I think it is time for "Brueggemann" to be uttered.  
These are better in my opinion, when I go into the sanctuary on Saturday and deliver them to an empty room.   
Various Thoughts from Dennis Shaw
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